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Hosting a Ramen Feast for your Holiday Party

The holidays are coming up. You’re probably busy planning your upcoming holiday party. Instead of the usual ham and stuffing feast, perhaps you want to do something a bit different this year to delight your friends and family!

Hosting a ramen holiday party at your home is a perfect theme for your holiday party this year. Here are the reasons:

1. Ultimate comfort food

Hearty, warm broth and noodles make for the ultimate comfort food for this holiday season. Bone broth also helps to boost you and your guests' immune system; thereby reducing the risk of having flu or COVID this season.

2. Everything can be prepped in advance

All ramen ingredients, including broth, toppings and even noodles can be made ahead of time, even a few days before your party! On the day of the event, you or your guests just need to assemble them together. So you can relax on the holiday and spend time actually catching up and entertaining your guests instead of baking a ham or turkey.

3. Make it more interactive for your guests

With a Kitchen Aid mixer and pasta roller attachment, it is actually pretty easy to make noodles from scratch. Having your guests make their own noodles at your party will add an Instagrammable, memorable experience to your event. Your friends and family will talk about it in the years to come. (See recipe here:

Here is what we recommend to get ready for your ramen event:

1 week before

Make sure you have the followings (or order from Amazon)

  • A pot to big enough to make bone broth (8 quart pot = about 8-10 servings)

  • A few noodle strainers

  • A big pot to cook noodles

  • Pasta roller (if you opt to make fresh noodles yourself or with your guests)

  • Soup bowls, soup spoons and chopsticks for your guests

  • Kitchen twine

3-4 days before

Gather the followings from an Asian grocery store

  • Pork or chicken bones (4 pounds per 8 servings)

  • Broth flavoring such as soy sauce, miso or Tsuyu sauce

  • Pork belly (no bones, skin removed)

  • High gluten (or bread) flour and lye water

  • Some appetizers such as gyoza, shumai, spring rolls, etc.

  • Some dessert such as matcha cake, mochi, etc.

  • Your favorite sake and other beverages

1-2 days before

1 day before

  • Get your favorite toppings such as scallion, bamboo shoot, nori seaweed, bean sprout, etc.

We hope you enjoy this holiday season with a unique ramen theme party at your home.


Manville Chan is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at The Story of Ramen.

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