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Invest In the Growing Interactive Dining Experience Industry

With A Unique and Trending Immersive Concept! 


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At The Story of Ramen, we only focus on one thing. This means lower overhead, easier marketing, and above all we do that one thing really, really well. Our one-of-a-kind hybrid concept disrupts both the restaurant and cooking class industries by combining and creating something completely unique! Recent studies show that 75% of diners would pay more money for a more immersive meal. Customers across the country are seeking out new ways to connect with people and with food, and we are here to provide just that!  


Our immersive cooking experience is like no other, where individuals come together to explore the world of ramen and leave with a new skill, a full belly, and an experience of a lifetime. We are a unique concept in the culinary world, providing an interactive dining experience that sets us apart from all the rest and sure beats just eating a bowl of ramen at a restaurant. 


The Story of Ramen is simple to own and operate. Our expert training and ongoing streamlined support allow you to easily manage an exciting location and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams! We are excited to work with passionate individuals who are looking for an opportunity to invest in their future and become part of The Story of Ramen family for long-lasting success.  


Don't miss out on this exciting chance to own your own business and provide a unique culinary experience in your community! We can’t wait for you to become a part of our story.  

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The Story Of Us  

Our customers experience making noodles from simple ingredients such as flour and water. The process of making ramen is similar to a story being unfolded. Ours began when founders Manville Chan and Jeff Parsons saw an opportunity to create a unique immersive cooking

experience for people to connect with each other.


Manville’s love for bringing others together through food led him to build a community dining pop-up as a part-time gig while still at his full-time tech job. It got so popular he eventually decided to dedicate everything he had to the exciting, one-of-a-kind concept.


Now you can join us on our journey to spread the joy, one slurpable bowl and

bonding moment at a time!  

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The Top Reasons To Join Our Growing Family 

Investing in a Story of Ramen franchise offers a unique opportunity to tap into the trending experiential dining industry. With a focus on ramen cooking classes, our immersive concept sets itself apart from other more traditional businesses. Our business model allows franchisees to tap into a market of customers who want to go beyond just a delicious meal, making it a highly profitable and fulfilling investment!  

  • Established Success – We have a strong operating location that has built a trusted brand and loyal following including rave reviews on Yelp - 80 out of 125 are five stars! 

  • Profitable Opportunity – The Story of Ramen offers a fast potential ROI with very little overhead, low cost of goods sold, and applicability in most markets.  

  • Easy to Operate – The Story of Ramen model runs smoothly with few employees, a limited workload, and streamlined systems for booking and customer support.    

  • Poised For Growth – Today’s consumers want exciting and immersive options that offer more engaging experiences than just eating at a regular restaurant.  

  • Niche Concept – We focus on ramen only allowing for less cost, less overhead, and simple online marketing compared to other cooking class concepts. 

  • Predictable Revenue – The majority of customers pay weeks in advance and roughly 70% of profits come from large groups and corporate team-building events.  

Making Ramen at Home.jpeg

The Support You Deserve  

With a Story of Ramen franchise, you join a family. We’re a close team committed to creating a world-class experience that customers will never forget. We offer a comprehensive support system to ensure that our franchisees have the tools they need including proven strategies to help build a customer base. Plus if you ever run into any problems our dedicated team is always available to help out!  


Operational Support – The Story of Ramen provides ongoing assistance

for centralized customer support, pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures. 

Systems Support – The Story of Ramen offers an admin console for

franchisees to manage their calendars, website bookings, pricing, and scheduling.  

Marketing Support – We coordinate the development and design of advertising

materials and marketing plans using SEO and social media to drive traffic for events and bookings.  

Developmental Support – Our management and leadership will continue to

research methods and techniques for franchise operations that enhance profitability.

The Numbers  

Minimum Initial Investment


Franchise Fee


Royalty Fee

7% of Gross Sales 

Local Advertising

1% of Gross Sales


National Advertising

1% of Gross Sales 


The FAQs 

What qualifications do I need? 

Franchisees don’t need to be prominent chefs but they should have an affinity for cooking, particularly ramen,

and entertaining groups of people! Our ideal candidate should be passionate about good

food and good people, with a strong commitment to customer service.  


Will I have an exclusive territory? 

Yes! We offer exclusive territories to all of our franchisees based in a defined area documented as a population

of around 500,000 people. There may be other factors accounting for the number of homes

in the area, the existence of competition, and the median income. 

What will my income be as a franchisee? 

Regulations prohibit us from making any earnings claims on our site.

For more exact numbers within our franchise disclosure document (FDD),

fill out the initial contact form.  

What does support for franchisees look like? 

The Story Of Ramen offers all franchisees streamlined operational systems and the tools and knowledge

to create the best possible cooking experience through comprehensive training, expert guidance,

and ongoing support, setting them up for profitability and success.  


What costs are associated with investing in a franchise?  

Prospective franchisees should have a minimum of $117,000 in investment funding to account for working

capital, start-up costs, marketing dollars, and the initial franchise fee to get their

Story of Ramen location off the ground. 

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The Franchise Process 

Introduction - Complete our contact form to let us know you’re interested and our team will reach out with more franchise information.  

Kick-Off - We schedule an in-person or remote meeting to review your application and discuss the details of our potential partnership.  

Discovery Day - Our franchise representative schedules a visit to our corporate location to demonstrate our business model, support, and marketing tools.  

Financing - Be sure to apply for any funding you may need to meet our initial investment requirements for franchising now.  

Sign the FA - We send over our Franchise Agreement and as soon as the ink is dry it’s official! Welcome to The Story of Ramen family.  

Training - Our comprehensive training program includes hands-on training at our California headquarters, on-site support during start-up, and ongoing guidance to ensure your success. 

The Time Is Now 

Ready to take your life to the next level? Begin your new journey today by completing our contact form below! 

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Thank you for your interest in being part of our Story of Ramen family. Our team will reach out to you shortly to discuss the next step. Meanwhile, you can download our brochure here:

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