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Advanced Ramen Workshop Recipes

Thank you for joining our Advanced Ramen Workshop. Here are the exclusive recipes that you have learned in our class.

Tonkotsu Broth.png

Broth Base

Ramen broth base is pure unsalted broth

Tonkotsu Broth.png


'Tare' in Japanese means concentrated seasonings. It gives the flavors to the unsalted broth. They are done separate from the broth so that you can mix and match different flavors.

Tonkotsu Broth.png


Noodles are the centerpiece of a bowl of ramen. It is made from 4 simple ingredients - flour, water, lye water and salt

Tonkotsu Broth.png

Assemble together

When the elements above are ready, you can assemble them into a bowl of ramen.

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