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Why Your Team Needs a Virtual Team Building Cooking Class!

Given the crazy times we are living through, we've all had to adapt. For companies looking to boost their team's morale, a virtual team building cooking class may be the answer to help sooth the challenges of everyone working remotely. The Story of Ramen has helped more than 30 companies build virtual team building cooking classes since pandemic started.

Hare are four reasons you should plan a virtual team building event.

1.YOUR TEAM is exhausted.

It's been five months since most cities implemented stay at home orders. Many companies started working from home orders even before March 15. Working from home may sound relaxing. But, after five months of #WFH and little to no interaction with team mates, you team members are likely exhausted by all of the at home work. They need a sigh of relief, time to just relax and

2.IMPROVE the team morale.

The office parties, the after work celebrations and even just chit chat around company lounge helped provide even subtle boosts to the team's morale. That's not available any longer. With virtual team building events, you're saying, "Stop working. Put that aside and just enjoy time with your co-workers. There's no pressure and no expectations." A simple gesture can do wonders for the team right now. You're creating a "virtual water cooler' but everyone is in their kitchen having fun together.


No need to rent the restaurant or activity space. Virtual team building events can be more affordable because the hosts don't have to carry as many costs as hosting you at their business location. As you search for the best activity for your group though be sure to know what is actually included and what is not. With some virtual cooking classes, you have to buy the supplies. The Story of Ramen is different. Check it out!

4.It increases PRODUCTIVITY.

Virtual team building activities help your team members understand each other by developing mutual respect that promotes a collaborative approach. They also help remind your team that they are "in this together"- no one is standing alone in these tough times.

Choosing the right activity becomes important to maximize the benefits of the virtual event. Here are four items to consider when choosing an activity to motivate your team:

  • Engaging - It is easy for team members to multitask, distracted by their family or their pets, and do something else while signing on for a team event. Having an event that everyone is engaged in is very important.

  • Fun - You want your team to get away from their comfort zone, which is sitting at home office desk cranking out work projects. So, you don’t want another event where your teammates are going to be just sitting on their desks. Choose an activity that forces out from behind their desks. Consider a cooking event activity where you team mates would need to participate in from their kitchen!

  • Stress-free - Many “DIY virtual classes” provide a laundry list of items that your team members need to shop for before the event. Obviously, you want them to be productive at work; but not have to spend work or spare time shopping for supplies and/or ingredients. So, find a turnkey team activity in which the vendor will supply all or most items needed.

  • Memorable - After all, you are making memories with your team. Combine a virtual team event with sending a t-shirt or apron to your team members; so they will remember the event long after it has ended for the night.

Book Your Private Team Building Event

Check out all of our options on our website. Plus, you can contact us directly here for an exclusive booking only for your team, your family or your friends. The Story of Ramen Virtual Team Building Class information request email address:

About Us The Story of Ramen offers fun, engaging ramen+sake tasting event and truly hands-on gyoza making class; with all the ingredients delivered to your team member’s home. We also offer optional custom company logo t-shirt and apron to enhance the team experience. Find all of the details here or contact us here to customize your virtual team building event.

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