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"It Was Awesome!": Delivered Meal Kits Make All the Difference for a Virtual Team Building Event

When you're looking for a virtual cooking class in San Francisco, you want it to be engaging but easy to prepare for - no running around town trying to find ingredients. The Story of Ramen makes its virtual team building events easy for the host to organize with our meal kits delivered directly to guests' door. That's what convinced Erin Coull to choose a 'ramen + sake tastings' event this week for her clients.

“I was just doing a Google search looking for a virtual cooking event for clients of mine,” Erin said. In her marketing position with AdTheorent she says a big part of her job is to organize entertainment activities for her clients. In her search for interesting virtual events, she says she’s always searching for something fun and interactive.

“There are a lot of online cooking classes but it’s pretty hard to do with a group. It's hard to organize sometimes,” Erin said in explaining that many classes left her to buy ingredients and get them to her guests in time for the class. The Story of Ramen virtual events are different. You pick from a variety of experiences. We prepare the food kits and deliver them to your team members' front doors.

“I gave my clients a choice,” Erin explained. "I gave them three options. And they picked ramen. I was like 'they (The Story of Ramen) takes care of everything' and it was awesome. Custom timing for our deliveries was also really helpful.”

The Story of Ramen delivers food kits in San Francisco for virtual events but can also arrange deliveries in other Bay Area counties as well as ship 2-day priority via UPS anywhere in the country.


So, how did Erin’s client’s react to the ramen + sake event they chose?

“They loved it! They really loved it,” she explained. “My clients are also other people’s clients and they get invited to do a lot of other things. They thought this was really cool and different.

“The pacing was great. The timing was great. An hour and a half was perfect. We learned a lot and loved the educational part of it learning about ramen and the sakes. I got such good feedback," Erin said.

Erin also provided us some valuable tips that will help future guests for virtual team building events to be more prepared in advance of the class. We always welcome and appreciate great feedback from our customers. We thank Erin and AdTheorent for choosing The Story of Ramen’s virtual team building event! CHECK OUT OUR VIRTUAL EVENTS HERE.

I was looking for a virtual cooking experience to get a group of my favorite clients together and have some much needed fun! Ramen Party was at the top of my list and I'm so glad we booked an event with them. Manville was an excellent host, teaching us about the history and ingredients of making the noodles, as well as educating us with four sake samples (all delicious!). We had a mix up with the timing of the event and he and his team seamlessly made it work, getting all the ingredients delivered to us smoothly and the 1.5 hrs together was a blast! We'll be back in the future and hope we can come in person next time :)

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You can join our virtual team building events by contact us directly here for an exclusive booking only for your team, your family or your friends. The Story of Ramen Virtual Team Building Class information request email address:

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