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Sakes Help Make Virtual Team Building Ramen Classes Even More Interactive

We love when our ramen experience visitors return with new friends, a new team or even the same team! That was the case with Melissa Zhang from Coinbase. She joined two previous in-person ramen experiences. And recently, she and her team joined us for a virtual team building class: ramen + sake tastings! "I've done a few events with Manville before...all in person," Melissa told us. "We really enjoyed those. When we were thinking about another team event right now, I knew Manville offered virtual classes now too."

Ramen meal kits were delivered to Melissa and her team. The Story of Ramen also delivered four samples of sakes for a tasting. The team learned about ingredients to take ramen noodles and then how to make them. Next - a few lessons about sake, its origins and how to select the sake that best suits your taste. After the interactive tastings, it was finally time to assemble the ramen noodle kit. "I liked the part where the sake tasting was in the middle," Melissa said, "There was more interaction with the sakes. Then, we did the making of the ramen."

A special guest, Sarah Yokitis from Yaegaki Corporation of USA, joined the group to talk about sakes. We offer two Yaegaki sakes in our tasting sessions including the new Roga sake. "Thank you for letting me join your ramen x sake tasting event... It was really fun and I can see everyone really enjoyed themselves," Sarah told us afterwards. "I thought the sake tasting info you gave was great..."

Virtual Team Building Interaction

With virtual team building, interaction is critical. To make sure the team has time to interact after assembling their ramen meal kit, we end the session with some Q&A opportunity and then we leave the Zoom session open for as long as the team wants to stay connected. "I think they [my team] really enjoyed it," Melissa told us. "The food was good. The sake was good. The feedback was pretty positive."

Once their bowl of ramen was assembled, the team got to show off their creations.

Melissa also provided us some very important feedback about shipments sent to Southern California and other cities. As we and other businesses deal with the effects of the coronavirus and search for new business opportunities, we are always looking for feedback to improve our new meal kit deliveries.

We greatly thank Melissa, her team and Coinbase for choosing The Story of Ramen for a virtual team building class.

Book Your Private Team Building Event

You can join our virtual team building events by contact us directly here for an exclusive booking only for your team, your family or your friends. The Story of Ramen Virtual Team Building Class information request email address:

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