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Have Questions? Here Are Some FAQs About Experiences That Can Help

Can anyone join your experiences?

YES. We welcome ALL guests who reserve in advance on our website. We love to welcome our neighbors in the Mission, friends, families, out of town visitors and co-workers! We welcome everyone to join a ramen experience!

Do I need a reservation?

Yes. We offer numerous ramen experiences throughout the week and most every day. We ask that you reserve in advance so we can control our food production, food planning, staffing and additional costs. Reserve on our website. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE.

Can I reserve for a large group of friends, family or co-workers?

Yes, reach out to us in advance to schedule! We can help you arrange special events for co-workers, families and friends. MORE DETAILS. CLICK HERE

Will I be interacting with other guests?

We believe in bringing people, even strangers, together over food. We believe food can bring people together - unifying friends, families, communities and team members! Part of all of our experiences involves communal work at our counters. We do try to give guests their own tables but we hope you enjoy your time with family, friends and others guests while taking part in a ramen experience.

What is involved in the two hour experience?

MORE DETAILS - CLICK HERE. You'll arrive to an appetizer. While everyone gets settled, we ask you to complete requests to help customize your bowl of ramen later. After washing hands, we'll move to the counter where we will cover some history of ramen, ramen noodle ingredients and then make the noodles you'll be eating later. When time allows, we show you some additional tools and approaches for our ramen before we cook the noodles. Then, your bowl of ramen assembled. You eat and we have a dessert for you to finish. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you want during the entire process!

What is involved in the four hour experience?

MORE DETAILS. CLICK HERE. This is the more intensive experience where we focus on broth, chashu, soft boiled eggs, flavors (very important to all elements of the bowl), spices and then the noodles. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you want during the entire process!

Do you cover broth in your two hour experience?

No. Our tonkotsu broth process takes 10-12 hours at least. When time allows, we give a brief description of the process in the two hour experience. In our four hour experience, we do have time to show you the beginning, middle and end of the entire tonkotsu process. We show you the various stages of the tonkotsu process so you don't have to stand around for the hours and hour of boiling! In this experience you get a chance to see how the bones are prepared, cleaned and cooked. Then, you get a chance to be involved in the final straining of that broth.

Can I bring outside food or drinks?

Unfortunately no. We are not permitted to allow outside food or drinks of any kind on premises. For drinks, we do offer a large variety of water, beer, sake and wine. We also offer hot green tea and coffee as well as cold green tea. For dessert, we have a standard dessert offered in our two hour experience. We can also produce a cake (must be ordered in advance) for special events.

Can I buy gift cards?

Yes. You can buy them by CLICKING HERE.

Are children allowed in the experience?

Please ask us before booking if you have questions about young guests. We do our best to accommodate young guests. It is very important that the young guests be OK in a food/kitchen environment. And, we do ask that young guests are on their best behavior during the entire experience so as to not disrupt the experience for other guests. Young guests must be accompanied by adult(s) and we generally recommend they be at least 10-11 years of age.

Can you host large experience for my school or community group?

Yes. We welcome all guests. Please contact us in advance with a specific request. We have had the honor of hosting many neighborhood school events for you adults and we are honored to host community groups from across the city. Please contact us in advance with your specific request. REACH US HERE.

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