Soft Boiled Eggs

24.5 hours

Time to finish

Active time

20 minutes



Medium size eggs

(room temperature)

Hands-on Class



  1. Using an egg piercer, punch a hole at the bottom of the eggs.

  2. Place eggs into a straining basket.

  3. Boil a large pot of water. When the water becomes boiling, slowing drop the basket of eggs into the pot with lid uncovered. Set a timer to 6 minutes. [NOTE - for large eggs or if they are not completely room temperature, you may need to adjust the cooking time up to 7 minutes]

  4. 4. For the first minute, shake the basket left and right to ensure the egg yolks stay in the center.

  5. After the timer finishes, take the eggs out and drop them into a large bowl with ice water.

  6. Peel the egg shell. Marinate them with Sho-yu tare, 100g of water and kombu for at least 24 hours in a tight tupperware or food container.

Tools you need


Kombu (2" x 2")

1 pc


Egg Piercer
Advanced Ramen Workshop
Duration: 4 hours

Learn how to make vegetarian ramen broth, soft boiled eggs, chashu, seasoned soy sauce, spicy ramen seasonings and noodles. Class includes an appetizer of pot stickers and a dessert.

$115.00 per person
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