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Surprise your Love Ones with a Customized Ramen Apron Gift

A women is cutting noodles at The Story of Ramen on her 30th birthday

Quite often, our guests come out to ramen making class to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. They’re looking to elevate their celebration experience by having some memorable mementos. We have recently launched a new surprise customized apron gift offering for our guests.

Design your customized apron screenshot

Here’s how it works. You choose among five design themes—ramen bowl, ramen birthday boy, ramen birthday girl, anniversary ramen, and holiday ramen. Then, you can put a few words and emojis and your surprise guests’ name at the bottom.

A few weeks ago, Lani organized a birthday ramen party for her son Ludwig with a friend, Lourdes. She designed the aprons with their nicknames included. Everyone had a nice surprise.

A surprise birthday party making ramen at The Story of Ramen

So next time when you book our ramen making class for your love ones' special celebration, you can design a customized ramen apron for your loved ones! Click here to see our upcoming class schedule.


Manville Chan

Manville Chan is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at The Story of Ramen.

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