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What do I expect for the four hour Advanced Ramen Workshop

Our four hour Advanced Ramen Workshop, you will learn how to re-create the entire ramen at home! The class is divided into two sessions.. Upon your arrival, we will begin the first session. We will show you how to make broth, chashu and soft boiled eggs. This will last 45-70 minutes upon on the group's pace. Following the first session, we will have a break for you and your group to enjoy gyoza (pot stickers) appetizers on your dining table. After the break, we will begin the second session. We will show you how to finish up the broth, all spicy and tare seasonings; then move to to making noodles. After noodles, you will learn how to assemble a bowl of ramen. You will then enjoy the bowl of ramen that you'd just made! If you have requested us to teach you vegetarian broth, we will do so at the beginning of the second session. Expect to have your ramen about 3.5 hours after the event start time. Making broth and some of the tare properly would actually take more than 4 hours. However, we have different stages of the broths ready upon your arrival so that you can still experience the entire process of making ramen.

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May 19, 2023 at 4:56:12 AM

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