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I'm allergic to gluten. Do you offer gluten free for your class

For our ramen in-person and virtual classes, we do offer gluten free noodle substitution for you and/or your guests that prefer no gluten or are allergic to gluten for both our in-person and virtual ramen classes. The additional cost is $4 per person.

Our gluten-free noodles are made with potato flour and rice flour.

For our in-person classes, all gluten free noodles are cooked in a separate pot so that they will not be contaminated with wheat based food products.

The broth and toppings can be made without any gluten and without any soy sauce products. Therefore, if your guests are severely allergeric to gluten, the entire bowl of ramen can be 100% gluten free.

Please note that we do not offer gluten free noodle making classes. Your gluten free guests can optionally participate in the regular wheat noodle making class, but we will replace their wheat noodles with gluten free ones prior to cooking.

Gluten free options are unavailable for our online udon and gyoza classes.

You can request for gluten free substitution at the time of booking our events on our web site.

If you need to update, add or remove your gluten free guest count after your initial booking or payment, you can click the button below:

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January 5, 2023 at 2:24:28 AM

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