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You Never Know Who You’ll See at a Ramen Experience

We love it when ramen brings old friends together.

Kiersten M. Booked our advanced workshop on December 3. Ten peopled booked our 9am class that day. That date plays a very important role in something special that was about to happen. When Kiersten and her friend arrived, we heard a chorus of cheers and hellos!

Kiersten immediately saw an old friend — someone from college. Kiersten (center, left) and Anna (center, right) had not seen each other for more than three years. Both attended Cal Poly and worked together in college but live now in separate parts of the Bay Area.

Choice of seating is on a first come basis for our reserved guests at our classes. The remaining seat for Kiersten and her friend when they arrived? You guessed it - the table next to her college friend.

Kiersten also told us she shared with co-workers she was attending the workshop on December 5. One of her co-workers then share that she too had tried to book the class for the same day!

We see hundreds of friends and co-workers come together each month for a delicious ramen experience. But, it’s extra special to see the excitement and hear the laugher when friends who didn’t know each other were joining the class… find each other in the same The Story of Ramen class.


Jeff Parsons is the Co-founder at The Story of Ramen.

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