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The Story of Ramen helps us to end our team building summit in San Francisco at a high note!

Group photo at a team building ramen making class offsite event at The Story of Ramen in San Francisco

Emily (Louisville, KY) works at Yelp as an online community program manager. Her remote team of 11 people is scattered all over the country. In November 2022, she gathered her team together for the first time since COVID to their San Francisco HQ for an annual team building summit.

Emily wanted to organize a fun, engaging and hands-on activity to end the team’s busy day at the summit. She went online and found The Story of Ramen. To elevate the experience, she picked both optional items that The Story of Ramen offers – custom logo apron and sake tastings.

When the team arrived after a day of meetings, they were warmly greeted by gyoza appetizers. Then, 11 co-workers broke into two teams for the two-hour ramen-making lesson. They made noodles, used the soup base another class made, and charred the cha shu. They also got to decorate their bowl of ramen with toppings including bamboo shoots, green onions, wood ear mushrooms, and a beautifully jammy egg.

One of the main reasons that Emily picked the event was the reasonable cost that The Story of Ramen offers: “This also came in on budget, compared to other, less spectacular experiences that were way more expensive.”

A team building event everyone cheers for sake tasting

According to Joyce, one of the team members based in Phoenix, “Our managers truly found the best place for a team building activity. I mean, making ramen, gyoza appetizers, AND a sake tasting!? You know you're working for a great company when booze is offered!”

Emily was very pleased with The Story of Ramen as her team had a blast. She concluded: “Thanks for ending our summit on such a high note.”

If you wish to organize a similar team building event for your group in San Francisco, please visit for more information.


Manville Chan

Manville Chan is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at The Story of Ramen.

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