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It’s easier than ever to book a private team offsite event with The Story of Ramen

Private event booking

Booking a team offsite event tends to be a daunting experience for event organizers and executive assistants. They need to coordinate the schedule with every team member and the selected vendor. At the same time, they also need watch closely for the cost to make sure the event does not exceed the budget.

During the past few months, The Story of Ramen has made some exciting enhancements to our system to improve your booking experience. Here’re a few highlights of our new features:

1. Real time availability

Ramen Making Party private booking page

In the past, our customers would email us for possible dates (or a firm date) to organize their offsite team events. It could have taken a few hours to a day for them to get a response to the inquiry. With our new system, customers can view our real time availability calendar on our web site. This helps an organizer, manager, or executive assistant to find the best date/time for their team.

To check out our real time availability for our most popular 2-hour Ramen Making Party in-person class, please visit this link:

2. Quote with no hidden fees

Post COVID, some businesses started adding fees to their base price, increasing the your overall cost while keeping a base price seemingly consistent. For us, the price that we present is WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). Our classes only have per person cost and a one-time private booking fee to cover the venue, equipment rental and services. All other fees are built into your base price. No surprises. There’s no extra sales taxes, CA mandate, gratuity or any bizarre add-on mandatory fees.

To get a precise quote, select the guest count, date and time under this link:

3. Place event on hold before book

Previously when we quoted a certain date/time as available, it was based on that moment in time. During some of our busy/high-demand days, we would have 3-4 customers requesting exactly the same time slots for their offsite event. So, by the time you get approvals from your manager, obtain credit card authorization, or gather votes from your team, the time slot may have been taken.

With our new on “hold" feature, we allow customers to place an event on hold for 48 hours free of charge (or 24 hours for a last minute request and 72 hours for an advance request). Our hold feature also takes into consideration weekends and public holidays. For example, if you place a 48 hour hold on the Friday before a Labor Day weekend, the hold will be valid until Wednesday the following week.

To “hold” a date for your team event, click the Reserve Date/time button after you see the quote.

4. Add co-organizers

Ramen Making Party event management page

We realize that one person may not be the only person helping to organize an event. Others may be involved. We’ve made it easy to add event co-organizers to your booking. This will allow everyone to be in the loop of any updates and important info sent to you from us.

To add co-organizers, you can click on the booking link once you place on hold for a particular time slot. <insert screen shot here>

5. Design your apron for your team

The Story of Ramen custom apron designer page

We see that team morale has an extra boost if they team arrives to find custom aprons with your company logo on them. Our new booking system allows you to design your own apron with the company logo/image and a few words underneath. You can customize with color, font, etc.

To design your apron, you can click on the apron image once you place on hold for a particular time slot. .


Manville Chan

Manville Chan is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at The Story of Ramen.

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