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5 Reasons to Give Experience Gifts in 2022

A couple cutting fresh ramen noodles from scratch

Let's face it, choosing the right gift these days is difficult. Maybe your special person seemingly already has everything. Maybe they tell you they don't want a gift this year. Maybe they have enough money to buy whatever they reasonably may want or need. Plus, there's the whole worry that you gift may be re-gifted later. That's why "experience gifts" are the best gift to give this holiday season.

1. Gift experiences help create lasting memories

Sometimes gifts are opened then tossed in the closet or drawer and never really seen again. GIving a gift of an experience creates so many more layers of enjoyment. First, your loved one books their experience and looks forward to their experience with excitement. Then, they get to enjoy that special day or special event. Afterwards they have wonderful memories and likely a camera full of photos and videos to enjoy. Your gift of an experience for a loved one this year most certainly won't be put away and forgotten about!

2. Gift experiences let the person get excited more than once about the gift

How many times have you talked about a gift that someone gave you? I hope more than once. But then compare that to all the gifts you may have received that you have never mentioned again to your family, friends and even that person who gifted it to you. One of the great things about gifting experiences is that it becomes a bond of enjoyment. The recipient of your thoughtful experience gets to talk about that experience with family, friends and maybe even you! Imagine giving someone an experience then seeing them beam from ear to ear with smiles sharing their memories with you. Experience gifts can be priceless!

3. Gift experiences help people learn something new

Maybe the person you are buying a gift for has an interest in outdoor adventures but has never taken a sunset hike. Maybe that person has an interest in ramen but has never taken a ramen class. Whether it's food, drinks, adventure, photography, tours or activities, experience gifts can help your loved one learn something new. Imagine that your special gift gives that person a new skill or helps them learn something they didn't know. Another priceless benefit of giving an experience over something that may be tossed in the cupboard and forgotten about later.

4. Gift experiences help everyone meet new people

Most experience businesses bring a small group of people together to share that experience. Maybe you'll join people from your neighborhood or other parts of the city. Or, you could meet people from across the country and around the world. San Francisco welcomes people from around the globe all year and many are looking for that quintessential San Francisco experience. You may form a bond just during the experience or form lasting connections (even if it's just on social media). Experience hosts know how to engage with even the most quiet guests to hopefully get everyone comfortable for a great experience even with strangers.

5. Gift experiences can be more affordable given the added benefits!

A nice women's sweater from Macy's may cost you $100 or more. Vogue reports a nice bottle of men's Polo Black cologne will cost you more than $110. Buying something more? Going for tech? A Meta Quest 2 VR headset will cost you $400! Even a nice Airpod Pro 2 will cost you $250! Your experience gift doesn't have to cost you nearly this much but can be more valuable to your special person in creating memories, learning and enjoying activities with others. Some examples in San Francisco: A ramen cooking class - $70; A gourmet food tour - $79; or, a secret food tour with drinks - $109. While these are great experiences for anyone who may enjoy food, there are plenty of other great experiences to gift in the Bay Area.

So, this year... forget the sweater, the socks, the perfume and the cologne! Help your loved one create memories that will last a lifetime with an "experience gift" this year!


Jeff Parsons is the Co-founder at The Story of Ramen.

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