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3 Reasons Why a Ramen Cooking Class Franchise Business Opportunity May Be a Good Fit For You

A few workers are building a shop with ramen noodles, symbolize a ramen cooking class franchise business

The Story of Ramen was founded in 2017. We exclusively offer ramen cooking experiences to corporate team building events, individuals gathering with friends/family and other special occasions. Since 2017, we have hosted an estimated 50,000 guests and continue to grow as a profitable business since the beginning.

In 2023, we are looking to replicate our successful concept in other cities through franchising. Here are the three reasons to evaluate if this cooking class franchise business opportunity could be a right fit for your next professional endeavor.

1. You’re looking to do something different professionally, but not sure what to do.

With recent layoffs or changes in remote work policies, you may be disillusioned by your employer or the corporate world in general. You may want to try something different but don’t even know where to start. Our The Story of Ramen franchise allows you to start your own business and control your destiny. We will train you, get you started and we will help you find customers to build your successful local business.

2. You work hard but you also want to enjoy life.

Many small business owners work every day and almost every hour. However, our The Story of Ramen business allows you to set your own schedule and control your customer booking schedules. You can decide how much business that you want to undertake based on your personal schedule. We provide you an automated booking and customer services system so that you can still generate bookings even though you may have taken the day, weekend or week off!

3. You have some savings and are trying to decide what to do with it.

Buying real estate? It’s probably not the right timing in many markets given that the interest rate is at historical levels. Investing in the stock market? The economy is uncertain. Now there’s no better time to invest in your own business. Since the pandemic, we have seen a huge increase in our bookings of our cooking class experience as people are rediscovering their human connections and companies are reuniting their teams from remote work. Businesses like The Story of Ramen thrives even in some tough economic times. Investing in The Story of Ramen franchise costs as little as $117K (used for your start-up costs).

The Story of Ramen franchise is a fantastic idea if you’re looking to change your career with your hard work and some savings. If you’re interested in finding out more, feel free to contact Jeff Parsons at


Manville Chan

Manville Chan is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at The Story of Ramen.

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