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What is the difference between Ramen Making Party and Advanced Ramen Workshop

We offer two types of classes based on the level of cooking experience that you're looking for: 1. Ramen Making Party - this is a two-hour event that you will experience making ramen noodles from scratch and assemble your bowl of ramen. The rest of the ramen elements (including broth, eggs, chashu, toppings) will be served with your ramen but you will not be making them in this class. 2. Advanced Ramen Workshop - this is a four-hour event that you will learn how to re-create making the entire bowl of ramen, including broth, eggs, chashu, seasonings (tare) and noodles. Generally, we recommend someone to take the two hour Ramen Making Party event if you just want to have a casual, fun outing with your friends, family or team members. If you're serious in cooking, learning more intimately about the ins and outs of making ramen; and would like to spend a longer experience with your friends, family or team members, we would suggest to you to pick the Advanced Ramen Workshop.

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December 30, 2022 at 4:22:17 PM

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