Make Your Own Ramen Noodles with San Francisco's Most Innovative Ramen Experience


About the experience

Forgot the processed noodles, learn to make your very own ramen noodles from scratch! Jeff Parsons is a co-owner of San Francisco's "The Story of Ramen" - a restaurant that bills itself as part of the future of dining. He helps more than a thousand guests per month make their own ramen noodles that they get to cook and then assemble in broth with traditional ramen toppings. He believe creating an experience around the food you eat will be a part of the long-term future of dining.  In this national online experience session, Jeff will teach you have to make your very own ramen noodles from scratch and will answer the most popular questions about one of the most loved foods from around the globe.


Here's what to expect in this 90 minute session

When you register, Jeff will send you a list of ingredients to grab during your next trip to the grocery story. While we are sheltering in place, we encourage you to add these items to your weekly trip for the family groceries and not make a special trip. Please stay safe while shopping.

During the event, Jeff will walk you through two ways of making your very own ramen noodles. 

  • Using a machine to make restaurant-quality style noodles. You'll start with some basic mixing then use a machine to do the hardest part of the work!

  • Entirely by hand. You'll learn some great tips of making ramen noodles by hand. Be prepared, it's a little more challenging than your favorite pasta recipes.

  • After making the noodles, Jeff will offer tip on cooking and assembling our bowl of ramen.


Jeff will also show you a quick and easy way to make vegetarian broth from scratch. But, he recommends for this experience that you purchase your favorite broth and toppings in advance. Most of his focus will be helping you to make ramen noodles from scratch and answering your questions LIVE in this online session.


Price: $25 per person


About the host

Jeff is one of two co-owners of The Story of Ramen in San Francisco's Mission District, one of the most vibrant and diverse districts in the Bay Area. The Story of Ramen is re-inventing how guests enjoy a ramen day or night out with family, friends and co-workers. The Story of Ramen team welcomes more than 1,000 people each month for a customized noodle experience. Jeff's passion for ramen was amplified with time studying and working in Yokohama, Japan. But, he's also studied other global food cultures including in Italy, France, South Africa, Rwanda and Nepal.

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