• Jessica Lee

Your #WFH team still needs motivation. Four things to consider!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

With shelter-in-place still in effect in many cities and many companies now allowing employees to work remotely, "work from home" is now a part of the professional culture for the foreseeable future. When the entire team works remotely, it becomes more important than ever to keep them motivated - to unite the team that is now working individually at home.

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Team building is critical But, virtual team building activities are totally different from in-person experiences. So choosing the right activity becomes more important. Here are four items to consider when choosing an activity to motivate your team:

(1) Engaging - It is easy for team members to multitask, distracted by their family or their pets, and do something else while signing on for a team event. Having an event that everyone is engaged in is very important.

(2) Fun - You want your team to get away from their comfort zone, which is sitting at home office desk cranking out work projects. So, you don’t want another event where your teammates are going to be just sitting on their desks. Choose an activity that forces out from behind their desks. Consider a cooking event activity where you team mates would need to participate in from their kitchen!

(3) Stress-free - Many “DIY virtual classes” provide a laundry list of items that your team members need to shop for before the event. Obviously, you want them to be productive at work; but not have to spend work or spare time shopping for supplies and/or ingredients. So, find a turnkey team activity in which the vendor will supply all or most items needed.