Give the Gift of Ramen

Handmade noodles and warm broth put a perfect bow on a heartfelt gift. Plan your holiday list to include ramen basket.

Pre-order price: $49 per serving

No payment is necessary for pre-order

Ramen Basket.jpg

How it works?


Step one

Plan on your list, gift messages and dietary preference


Step two

Finalize the purchase a few weeks before holidays


Your friends and family will receive the gift basket before the holiday

Step three

What is included in the basket?

Your basket includes our fresh handmade noodles, a broth of your choice (tonkotsu or vegetarian), ramen flavoring, house made spice and five toppings include soft-boiled eggs. The ingredients will be packaged in a ramen bowl that your love one keeps.  The package will also include instructions on how to prepare the fresh bowl of ramen.

How long can the ramen last?

We provide fresh noodles and broth, which can last up to 5-7 days in the fridge or 2-3 weeks in the freezer.

Does the cost includes shipping?

No. After you enter the delivery address, we will estimate the shipping cost. It ranges from $5 for local San Francisco delivery to $25.

Can we put customized gift message?

Yes. When you plan on your gift, you can enter your gift messages.