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What is the proportion of the sake or tea tasting

For the sake or tea tasting portion, we offer four curated sakes or tea. Each of them are 30 mL.

For online or large in-person events, we pre-bottle the sake or tea in 4 tasting bottles. For smaller in-person events, we serve them in sake cups.

All sake/tea tastings are instructor guided, i.e., we will explain each one of them to your guests. For online classes, the tasting session lasts 20-30 minutes typically during the middle of the event. For in-person classes, the tasting session will be included during different stages of the classes.

[NOTE - A special note about our online classes sake/tea tasting bottles below:

Please notice that we use oversized bottles so the bottle appears to be just below half full for a single serving and almost full for a double serving.

If you order double servings we will provide one bottle with "2 servings" included in that bottle.]

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January 5, 2023 at 2:20:23 AM

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