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Can I remove the sake tasting portion of my class

Sake/tea tasting is optional for both our online and in-person private classes. When you set up a private event, you will have the option of adding or removing the tasting option under Cost Estimates as shown below:

If you have requested an on hold for a class or you have paid deposit for sake or tea tasting, currently you will not be able to remove the sake/tea tasting option yourself. Please send a note to us or submit a ticket and we will be able to remove from our end.

Please notice that every single guests can choose between sake or tea tastings individually; but we will need them to choose prior to your event. You can specify the breakdown of sake/tea tastings through our booking page. If you don't know the breakdown when you initially pay deposit, you will be able to update them up to 2 days before your event date.

Article Last Update: 

December 30, 2022 at 4:19:05 PM

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