What does the ingredient kit includes?

For the ramen+sake tasting online experience, here is what is included:

  • Pork bone (Tonkotsu) or vegetarian broth - 300 mL per person

  • Shoyu tare (for bone broth) or miso tare - 30mL per person

  • Spicy tare

  • Toppings - Chashu pork belly (or tofu), soft boiled eggs, wood ear mushroom, scallion, bamboo shoots

  • Freshly made ramen noodles (90g flour)  (can be replaced with a ramen noodle dough if you or your team want to roll out during the event)

  • 4 curated sakes each 3 oz (can be substitute with 4 tea tastings)

For the gyoza from scratch online experience, here is wjat is included:

  • Gyoza dough (90g flour)

  • Pork based or vegetarian based fillings

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