How do you ship the ingredient kits?

Please notice that our ingredient kit delivery is part of our online/virtual private classes. We do not ship them as a standalone kit.

Depending on your location, we either use local delivery courier or UPS 2 Day Air.

If we ship via UPS 2 Day Air, we use tampered evident containers for all our ingredients and they are tightly sealed to prevent any leakage. We use a foam packaging with 2-3 ice gel packs that will ensure the food can withstand transportation for up to 72 hours under normal circumstance.

After you and/or your guests receive the package, we recommend you to place them in the refrigerator immediately.

Please note that once the package is shipped, we are not responsible for any damages to food contents or delayed shipment. We  recommend to consider one of the followings:

  • Purchase optional  shipping insurance so that any damages can be claimed and reimbursed;

  • Upgrade to shipping next day shipment, especially your destination is a hot place or your destination is under a heat wave;

  • Request us to ship a few days sooner so that your package can arrive before the class. We normally ship about 3 business days before your class date.

Article Last Update: 

September 13, 2022, 2:26:08 PM

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