Do you ship outside the Bay Area? How much does it cost?

Yes, we ship to almost anywhere in the US.

Shipping/handling cost is as follows: (NOTE - this cost is based on up to 2-persons' ingredient kits. For 3 or more, please contact us for pricing which is based on weight and the class that you select)

  • Anywhere in the state of California outside the our local delivery area  — $40 (Zone 5)

  • Anywhere West Coast  and Mountain Time Zone — $45 (Zone 6)

  • Anywhere Central and Eastern Time Zone  — $50 (Zone 7)

  • Hawaii - $75 (Zone 8)

Please note that once the package is shipped, we are not responsible for any damages to food contents or delayed shipment. We  recommend to consider one of the followings:

  • Purchase optional  shipping insurance so that any damages can be claimed and reimbursed;

  • Upgrade to shipping next day shipment, especially your destination is a hot place;

  • Request us to ship a few days sooner so that your package can arrive before the class. We normally ship about 3 business days before your class date.

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May 27, 2021, 4:07:31 PM

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