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Woman holding her freshly make ramen noodles as a gift

An ultimate experience gift 

Share the joy of making ramen in San Francisco with your loved ones or business partners

Purchase our San Francisco ramen cooking class gift cards for your family, friends, colleagues and business partners for the holiday, birthday or any special occasions! Our gift card never expires and can be redeemed for any open classes.

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(NOTE - 2-hour Ramen Making Party costs $65-80 per person and 4-hour Advanced Ramen Workshop costs $140-160 per person)

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frequently asked questions

How do my guests redeem?

Your guests cam redeem their certificate on our web site via this link: When they select their desired date and go through the booking process, they will be able to enter their gift certificate at the check out page. The gift cards can be booked for either the 2-hour Ramen Making Party or 4-hour Advanced Ramen Workshop. If the value of the gift card is not enough to cover the cost, your gift card receipient can pay the remaining balance at the time of booking.

How do you send the gift card?

We send the gift card sent via email. When you complete the purchase, the gift card will be sent to your gift recipient immediately via email.

Can my gift receipient pick a date?

Yes. your guests will be able to book any open dates on our calendar. In the event that your guests have a specific date in mind that we do not it on our calendar, they can reach out us and we will try to accommodate.

How do I specify dietary restrictions (such as vegetarian or vegan) for my guests?

You do not need to do so. When your guests actually book an event, they will be able to specify their dietary restrictions.

How come the Pay button on this page is gray out/unclickable?

Once you complete your name, valid email address and your gift receipient's name and valid email address, the button should be clickable.
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