Chashu (braised pork belly)

Time to finish: 2 1/2 hours

Active time: 1/2 hours


Servings: 20



  • 1000g Seasoned soy sauce

  • 800g Soy sauce

  • 400g Mirin

  • 400g Sake

  • 2 Galic

  • 1 Ginger

  • 3 Green parts of scallion

  • Two Pork bellies


  1. Roll pork bellies into a log.

  2.  Tie the rolled pork bellies with kitchen twine.

  3. Using a pot that will fit two tied pork bellies, put the first seven ingredients into. Place the pork bellies in. If they are not completely submerged into the liquid, add more water and/or sake until they are.

  4. Put the pot into boil and simmer for two hours. Using a few plates/bowls on top of the meat as weight, ensure the pork bellies are submerged in the liquid.

  5. Periodically add more water and/or sake into the pot if the pork bellies become no longer fully submerged due to evaporation.

  6. After two hours, remove the pork bellies. Let them cool in the refrigerator preferably overnight. 7.    Carefully remove the twines. Slice pork bellies thin. Store them in refrigerator until ready to be served with ramen.

To have a hands-on experience in making chashu, check out our Advanced Ramen Workshop here:

Advanced Ramen Workshop
Duration: 4 hours
$115.00 per person

Learn how to make thick pork bone ramen broth (Tonkotsu), soft boiled eggs, chashu, seasoned soy sauce, spicy ramen seasonings and noodles. Class includes an appetizer of pot stickers and a dessert.

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