Jeff Parsons

Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Owner and Special Event Host

My background in media and interest in food create the perfect intersection to help launch this exciting new food experience in the Mission District of San Francisco. To be clear, we are not a "cooking school" or just a "cooking class". Our goal is to offer everyone who visits a chance to learn about the very interesting history of ramen, some helpful tips on how to make it at home and an engaging experience for you, friends, co-workers or sometimes even strangers who may come together for lunch or dinner. I believe that your experience should include great tasting food and an overall experience that gets you excited about such a popular food around the world. As a hobby, I have studied in food courses in Italy, Japan, Thailand, Rwanda and Zanzibar. Food is a passion (not a job). My goal when I help create an experience for you to learn about ramen is to ensure you walk away from dinner or lunch in the restaurant with excitement for something you've learned. In my media career and in my hobbies, I always enjoy seeing someone smile when they learn something new. I hope you're smiling after eating hand-made, fresh ramen!

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